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Over 200+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

Strategy & Research

Let's work together to get you more eyeballs and more ad revenue

Design & Development

Video ad money is nice but multiple streams from all your digital brand assets is better.

Marketing & Target

Once we understand your audience, we expand distribution to go after a bigger market.

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We use our experience to create yours

Youtube is no longer the only game in town. Leveraging all the available platforms for monetization multiplies your potential ad revenue. 

Being prepared to take on more distribution channels and positioning your digital brand to pivot into a media company is the new play. Are you ready?


How exactly do we help video content businesses grow?

Content Creation - We do live event coverage and take care of live streaming.

Video On Demand - We do a few distribution channels to put you in front of more people.

Website - We help shift your brand from living on platforms to living on your own website domain.

Audience - We help you implement campaigns to capture audience data so you can own your audience.


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Susu Media helped me get my act together and upgraded my video content business

Sarah James


Took me from Twitch, getting pennies, to multiple channels getting real checks

Mike Tatum


Susu Media helped me launch my video channel, reaching 3x the audience I projected.

Lisa Bellucci


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